Right choice Infotech is a universal IT solutions company with up-to-date technological and communication expertise to facilitate, empower, inspire, and enhance IT needs of its reputed clients in order to deliver the best service. We own full-scale high-end technology along with its innovative implementation expertise that widens our impact on the modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT).Our services promise better solutions to IT problems and enhancements of improved productive capabilities. We offer countless number of services within the sphere of IT and PC solutions with apt authenticity and success, keeping in view the client's satisfaction and nurturing our sustenance for better understanding.

Taking the overall experience and team work, we are being counted as most mature IT support in the area. It has inculcated rock-hard confidence and in-depth knowledge about the contemporary needs and demands of the IT world in order to help you effectively. Such strategies have maintained and nourished our Company-Client relationship for future support and backing. Introduction of new technologies can be a challenging task for any kind of business but, we at RCInfotech make your life better so that you can grow at best in the market. Let our involvement and experience makeour business relation memorable and long lasted for all the truemotives. Our clients are our partners throughout our business relationship, and we grow by seeing them grow. We see our success in theirs.


RC Infotech was born in 2004 in Hyderabad. The company supported and facilitated the business operated in the state and in the country. It is because of our sincere devotion and qualitative approach; we are being counted among the bests in the industry. The company has set examples within the periphery of IT and PC world to approach effectively to any kind of problem.

We provide modest and operativere solutions to intricate business complications. Our clients trust us, which we have earned during the course of our being, to fetch integrity, improvement and an in exorable assurance in order to ensure their success to thrive in their business. We at RCInfotech adapt innovative strategies and high-end equipment to set a stage for efficient delivery and expertise with operational execution that governs the delivery of efficient solutions at right time and right place with effective accuracy and implementation. Such stratagems allow our clients to taste the benefits of charming and dynamic workflows with gaugeableupshots.

RC Infotech has always extended its favourable environment for long-term relationship with its clients from around the globe, and fortunately, we have successfully confirmed and experienced the trust and expectation which the clients believed upon. We have efficient and dedicated teams that carry out distinguishing services to facilitate the IT and PC prospects of the world. We work as a team to propose batter productive relations in order to push the human race forward.

RC Infotech take immodestyto deliver awider range of IT support and Solutions assisted with consistent Support Services, to small as well as medium-sized companies throughout Hyderabad and India.This has allowed our customers to pull our technical competencein order to improvise in their business. Our teams are equipped withadvanced skills, united with their professional skills, certifies that we provide a dependable and extremelyresponsible service and support to our clients.


The IT consulting practice at RC Infotech stresses to create a favourable aura for maximum profits, facilitate services, and completely witness boarder experience by installing proficient IT milieu with the help of our expertise squad.

We manoeuvre a wide range of effective services for safe destruction of data on fixed as well as detachable or removable media along with competent optimization of operating system performance. We have served, in this area, a good number of companies and institutions with apt accuracy and satisfactory means. For equipment in good condition, we propose diverse re-marketing facilities and services. We promise to maintain confidentiality of the data and/or other information in an authentic manner. At RC Infotech we also sell and buy second-hand IT equipment including computers, information and telecommunication equipment. We also sell and buy second-hand or used IT items including (not limited to) computers, and information and communication technology (ICT) equipment etc.

Our company is established with efficient expertise of Servers Implementations, Network setup, Maintenance of entire IT infrastructure.

Network Solutions

We are really proud of our highly skilled team of Engineers who extend IT and network support services to certify full benefit from all the technical possessions available to the clients. It lets them to utilize their more time for planning better strategies for better profits.

RC Infotech is specialized in serving companies and industries to dispose their undesirable and unemployed IT Equipment. Companies and industries do not need to worry in any way as we have better services to offer in order to check their unwanted apparatus.

Software Solutions

We at RC Infotech understand the importance of IT support and services for every business to prosper. Our team delivers high-end and comprehensive software and hardware solutions that push the businesses to new possibilities. We successfully carryout Servers and Network setup and implementation, Data Security, Software installation, including antiviruses and all operating systems, and support along with VPN Configurations, Firewall, and Router Setup.

RC Infotech deals with better services to corporate clients so that they can focus on productive strategies efficiently. Nevertheless we are best of its kind in Hyderabad that can offer unmatched services with more maturity. We also extend our support and services to Local and national companies and industries including (but not limited to) higher academic authorities / institutions / universities / colleges, schools, IT sections of government / private / public offices, and trusts and charities.

RC Infotech team offer rich opportunities where the team could act as an IT department of the client. Our Consultancy Solutions squad also perform as non-executive board members who offerplanned IT advice and support to many companies to make them more productive. Inevery case, we intend to build long-term enterprises, preserving value for cash solutions through a mixture of excellent support, expert IT project provision and pertinent strategic advice.

Our mission at RC Infotech is to deliver an authentic, honest and supple setting; to embolden technical concepts and development; beginning every single day with a new perception to technical concerns. We proudly offer on-site and off-site services and support to our esteemed clients.

For more information or to talk over on any of our services and support, Please feel free to contact us. We will be very much happy to serve you.